Tarsier – Bohol Tour

First stop was the Tarsier. This place only accepts cash and smaller bills. Upon entering the sanctuary. Everyone had to be quiet and be respectful to the Tarsiers. The Tarsiers were very small, I couldn’t see them, but I’m glad they had people that works there standing right next to it, otherwise I wouldn’t find them. The weather was hot, but there were trees everywhere to give us shades.

The Tarsiers eyes are so big that it looked like it will pop out if they get squeezed. Ha-ha! All they do was sleep, they’ll open their eyes for few minutes and they”ll get back to sleep. The workers told us that they are used to people as long as they’re not being touched.

It was a small place that looked like a garden in the backyard of a house.

We exited out at the souvenir shop. A lot of cute stuff, but I only bought a magnet as a souvenir.

All in all the place was great. It had a positive vibe. There were other animals in the property that are free to roam around wherever they want to and they looked happy.

Tarsier Research Center
Tarsier Research Center



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