Tarsier – Bohol Tour

First stop was the Tarsier. This place only accepts cash and smaller bills. Upon entering the sanctuary. Everyone had to be quiet and be respectful to the Tarsiers. The Tarsiers were very small, I couldn’t see them, but I’m glad they had people that works there standing right next to it, otherwise I wouldn’t find them. The weather was hot, but there were trees everywhere to give us shades.

The Tarsiers eyes are so big that it looked like it will pop out if they get squeezed. Ha-ha! All they do was sleep, they’ll open their eyes for few minutes and they”ll get back to sleep. The workers told us that they are used to people as long as they’re not being touched.

It was a small place that looked like a garden in the backyard of a house.

We exited out at the souvenir shop. A lot of cute stuff, but I only bought a magnet as a souvenir.

All in all the place was great. It had a positive vibe. There were other animals in the property that are free to roam around wherever they want to and they looked happy.

Tarsier Research Center
Tarsier Research Center




Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines

Next stop: Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills was awesome! It was a little bit of walk. Well, actually steps, but there were little stop area if you need a break. I took my time going up the stairs. It was hot and my legs were starting to hurt. ( I need to go work out more often! haha) it is also challenging For someone like me who has diabetes. My blood sugar was going low and that wasn’t a good sign. Good think I have some snacks in my back pack and water. I had a pack of mentos and that helped a lot with my lows.

Ones you get on top of the stairs, it was all worth it. The view was amazing! I could stay up there. It was very relaxing. The hills was not as brown as I expected although, it could be the season?

Manila to Bohol, Philippines

We left the Go Hotels Manila at 6:30 am and our flight was at 8:00 am. The hotel was about 15 minutes away from the airport. Everything was fast and easy at the airport, but for someone like me, a diabetic took a little longer than a normal person should. I use an Tslim X2 insulin pump and a Dexcom sensor device that tells me what my blood sugar is.

We booked with Cebu Pacific Air. We checked in 1 luggage and 1 luggage per person is included as long as it was under 20 kg or 40 pounds.

Our gate was changed an hour before our boarding time and they announced it very clear. We didn’t have to guess and worried about it.

We walked down from 2nd floor to 1st floor and a shuttle bus was already waiting outside. Actually, there was probably 3 shuttle busses out there waiting for the passengers to be transfer to the airplane. Our airplane was parked away from the gates. It was actually fun. We rode the shuttle for about 5 minutes and we walked from the bus to the airplane. The walk was about 2-3 minutes it was just right in front of the airplane, but I enjoyed it. Haha.

We had to go through the back door of the airplane because our seat number was 20.

The flight was only an hour and food wasn’t included unless you pay for it. 

Finally we arrived in Bohol.

We didn’t booked any cars for us because the hotel charges a bit more. My friend suggested to check out people outside the airport, offering tour packages and negotiate prices with them.

First person I found was very nice. She wasn’t pushy and negotiating pretty easy. She asked questions; what and where do we want to go and do. They also showed a list of tour with pictures and I just pointed out what we want to check.

We ended up with 3,000 pesos ($56) for the van with driver, gas was included for the whole day. I think, thats pretty fair deal for both.

Our first stop in Bohol- Tarsier

First night in Manila, Philippines

We arrived in Manila around noon on a Sunday. There was no traffic and the roads were easy to drive. I think it was a good time to arrive that day. Gave us time to adjust and just relax.

My friends from childhood picked us up at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I was glad the airport was organized. I couldn’t use my cell phone (Verizon). I tried using one of the plan they offered, $10 a day, but I couldn’t send or call anyone at all. I turned my data off and turn the airplane mode just in case I get charged. FYI, no free WiFi at the airport. Only free for anyone who has globe or smart phones. Good thing my friend lend me her extra phone and I used hotspot for my phone to work.

Once we got outside where the “greeting area” was. My friends found me right away. There’s an area for people to park in front of the airport for some time and made it easier for us.

We made a reservation at Go Hotels Manila AirPort Road. It was too early to check in so we just dropped our bags and left.

After dropping off our things at the hotel. We went to Manam Comfort Filipino. It’s a Filipino restaurant. There was a bit of a wait, but the restaurant was clean and the staff was very friendly.

We were told not to drink tap water. Only bottled water or soda in can and no ice. We didn’t want to risk getting sick in our trip.

My friend Grace ordered for us and she did great with the choices. Since I have never been there, I told her she can order for us. She ordered a lot!

One of my favorites was the house crispy sisig. The others were good, but I’m satisfied with the sisig with white rice. There palabok was good, too, and the presentation was pretty cool.

Manan Comfort Filipino
Manam Food

After lunch we went back to the hotel and checked in. The room was pretty small but we were just there for 1 night. We had to catch an early flight the next day anyway. Go hotels Manila Airport Road was about 10-15 minutes away. Grab costs around $5.

Our view from our room.

Flying with EVA Air from San Francisco to Philippines

I finally visited the Philippines after 19 years since I moved to California with my family.

Thank goodness for social media, I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with everyone.

We flew with Eva Air from San Francisco to Taipei. It took about 13 hours, but it felt like forever. It was a very uncomfortable. Their economy seats were too small. I suggested you to pay extra for bigger seats and bigger spaces for your legs. I am a small person and I was not comfortable at all. I probably slept around 3-4 hours.

You do get your own tv monitor and they have free movies, but very limited. They served us 2 meals. One for dinner 2 hours after take off and one for breakfast 2 hours before landing. Food was surprisingly good. You can also request specific diet after buying the tickets. I selected the diabetic food and my husband selected whatever was available. I actually didn’t select any diet restrictions on our flight back home and I had more choices.

Here are some examples of food they offered during our flights.

We landed in Taipei and had about 2 hours layover. The gates were not far away from each other, but their system was very unorganized. My husband and I had to guessed what to do. They were screaming at people to grab a card, but they didn’t really explain what it was for. We basically just followed the people in front of us on what to do.

We had to go through security again inside the airport for transferring gates. Which I feel like it wasn’t necessary.

They have a lot of stores in the airport and there was the Hello Kitty store. Our gate C3 was where the Hello Kitty store and I was happy to hang around the store while we waited for our plane, but I didn’t know that our gate was underneath. I heard people talking that we still need to walk down further for our gate. My husband and I walked down the stair and found the C3 gate. It was a really odd airport, but I was glad we arrived at our gate on time.

They let people in by their zone number 30 minutes before departure time.

Taipei to Manila was very easy. It was a 2 hour flight. Our seats were actually bigger, but the plane was smaller. We were surprised how comfortable, and they gave us a meal.

We have arrived in Manila!

Manila was hot and sticky! Their “free WiFi” at the airport was not really free. You have to have a Philippine number to be able to use their free WiFi. Ninoy Aquino airport was organized. Everyone spoke English pretty well and everyone was very helpful.

Since I couldn’t use any WiFi. We just followed the signs. We picked up our bags (long wait) but went through the customs pretty easy.

We walked out and just followed the “greeting area”. You take left if your last name starts with A-L and M-Z to the right. Since I couldn’t get a hold of my friends. We just came outside and followed the “O” signs. I didn’t even get to “O” and we found each other!

What a day! I was so happy to be at the hotel. For 19 years everything changed!

Nintendo Switch

I bought the Nintendo Switch before when it first came out, but after a few months I sold it on Craigslist. I didn’t enjoy the console. At that time they didn’t have a lot of games that’s why I got bored with it.

Just last Thanksgiving Black Friday I found a deal at Target. It was $299 with MARIO 8 kart bundle. And on top of that we can use our Target Red Card for additional 5% off. And I added a game for $29.99 (Crash bandicoot) and the totally was $289. That was a really good deal! I bought another game the next day, but I honestly haven’t opened the game yet! It was Overcooked 2. I watched it on YouTube and it looked so fun. I never played it, but it was on sale for $25 at Amazon and Target. The original price was $38.99

I will post a review about the games in a few days or so. Stay tune..

If target was sold out, my second store was GameStop. Their promotion was $299 for the console and a $50 gift card. It’s still a pretty good deal if you’ll ask me.

I haven’t stopped playing with the switch. I even signed up for Nintendo Switch Online. You can sign up for 7 day trial or a monthly payment. Here’s the link for their Membership.

Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo Switch online

My sweet, loving, best dog..

I never knew how difficult to lose a pet. I had to say goodbye to my sweet, loving dog, Tazz. He was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. I know I shouldn’t blame myself. But I feel like if I did take good care of his health a little better, he could still be here with me. I blame myself on feeding him human food, not taking him to the veterinary for regular check up and only waited if there was something wrong. But thinking about all of that made me realized that even though I wasn’t on top of his health. I was there for him for 12 years. I made sure he ate daily, had water available anytime, I gave him lots of hugs and kisses and I gave him shelter to live in.
People kept on telling me that it wasn’t my fault and I gave him a second chance in life by adopting him when he was a puppy. He was found under a taco truck in Oakland. And the moment I met him I couldn’t resist on adopting him.

He wasn’t easy after we adopted him. He was very scared of everyone, especially anyone who was wearing a hat. After few months of getting to know each other. He finally opened up and showed me he was ready to be the best dog. He showed me trust, respect and love.

My daily routine involved around him. He doesn’t get up until I get up. I go to the bathroom, he waits by the door or when I eat at the table, he stayed under the table and when I take naps he naps with me. He has been everywhere I been. He knew my body language and the tone of my voice. He was the best dog!

Tazz, you were an amazing dog. You showed me so much love, respect and trust. I hope you felt the same. You will always be my only Tazz. I love you so much and we will miss you so deeply! Thank you for the wonderful 12 years you spent with us. Rest In Peace my love.